Once upon a time there was a little boy. Born in Barcelona in the midst of the beautifully mild Mediterranean spring the boy was in no time dreaming of building spaceships.

His friends called him Edu, and he lived on a little village where soon enough he was enjoying endless evenings playing outside. Football was his sport and he spent most of his youth playing it as well as reading, beating video games and otherwise dreaming with his friends in endless role playing game sessions. But those who know him well know that there’s one thing he was always doing: drawing. At home, at school, on holidays. He used whatever he had at hand to draw all his dreams.

And then came the time where he had to decide what to do with his life. Fascinated by technology he decided to study telecommunications. After all, a life of artistry was unlikely to pay the bills. He put his pencils aside, and a few years later he found himself going to Paris to finish his studies.

And oh boy did that time in Paris change his life. He met a girl. Her name was Annemiek, and soon after he would move to The Netherlands with her, where he would follow up with a master in telematics, immediately finding a job as a developer, buying a house and, before he could even realize where had the past ten years gone, having three beautiful boys (Tom, Pep and Sam). He then finally found the time to pick up his pencils and brushes once again.

Edu now lives in Oldenzaal with his wonderful wife and kids, enjoys biking to and from his great job, reading science fiction and filling up sketchbook after sketchbook.